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Our vision at ThoughtCloud is to produce organically sustainable plant medicine that will promote an enhanced metabolic homeostasis, improve immune function, and assist in enhancing mental well-being. Overall system-wide treatment at the level of the chromosome is the focus with ThoughtCloud CBD. Our goal is treating the system and not just the symptoms.

What Sets ThoughtCloud CBD Apart

  • We’re 100% vegan in our manufacturing practices, from the hemp plant farm to our finished products.
  • We’re sustainable and virtually waste-free in our manufacturing, packaging, and farming practices. Our practices reflect our care and respect for this planet.
  • We’re completely organic and non GMO.
  • We’re the industry leader in CBD innovations, with the first full spectrum CBD bath bombs and ozonated CBD ointments!
  • We winterize our products removing wax and fats.
  • We CO2 extract in our on-site laboratory and a third-party lab tests twice after processing, through both the crude and formulation stages.
  • We meditate and use Reiki to infuse the highest vibration oil you will ever experience.
  • We provide the best customer service of any CBD retailer on the planet!

ThoughtCloud is committed to bringing its consumers the purest, highest grade CBD products on the planet and takes pride in offering all-natural, lab-tested, organically sourced CBD for your overall health and well-being.

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Special Discount Code: NAOMI
We offer 4 variations of Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut Oil0.5 FL OZ (15ml) of our purest CBD Coconut MCT oil contains 500 mg of CBD.
0.5 FL OZ (15ml) of our purest CBD Coconut MCT oil contains 750 mg of CBD.
1.0 FL OZ (30ml) of our purest CBD Coconut MCT oil contains 1500mg of CBD.
2.0 FL OZ (60ml) of our purest CBD Coconut MCT oil contains 3000mg of CBD. Start ShoppingCONTAINS:300mg of Full Spectrum CBDCannabidiol (CBD) CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, Ozonated Coconut Mct OilIt protects the skin against external aggressors.It is deeply moisturizing and nourishing.It purifies, regenerates and repairs the skin. It helps the healing process.It improves blood circulation and associated problems (ulcers, severe dry skin…).It controls and prevents the proliferation of germs present in some skin conditions (acne, seborrhea, skin lesions…).It improves cellular metabolism and strengthens the natural anti-inflammatory system.It treats problematic or damaged skin (redness, bedsores, scars…).It helps to avoid the use of medical treatments such as corticosteroid creams.

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